Since its founding in 2003, Stericop GmbH & Co. KG has become one of the leading manufacturers of control systems for sterilization and cleaning / disinfection of medical devices in Germany. The success was possible due the consistently focus from the beginning by our own research and development and has set new standards with numerous innovations.

Today our intention is not only to be manufacturer but also a modern service company developing monitoring systems with the highest level of security and ease of use.

World first:


Stericop Wash Checks H Dental

Indicator system for testing the cleaning effect in hollow instruments such as turbines, straight and contra-angles handpieces in WDs

WashChecks H dental



Stericop Bowie-Dick-Test

B-D-Test from stericop GmbH & Co. KG -  again a  new and very innovative product.

Mandatory daily test according to ISO 17665 (formerly DIN EN 554) for pre-vaccum sterilizers.
The stericop B-D-Test offers ease of use and best readability.





SMU-LCR (Sterilization Monitoring Unit - Load Control Reusable)

Re-usable test device designed to verify air removal, deep vacuum
achievement, steam penetration levels and exposure levels necessary for
lumen sterilization conditions in pre-vacuum steam sterilizers SMU-LCR sets new standards in ease of use and safety of batch control systems for steam sterilization processes.

SMU-LCR Box, geschlossen